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So my youngest brother just graduated from college with a BS in Communications and Social Media Marketing, and is looking for a job. He'd ideally like to work for a video game company, because he's a big geek and loves video games, but really he's willing to take any Social Media Marketing job that pays decently and gets him out of New England. He has the most insane memory for all things media and can quote something after having heard/seen it once.

So I put this to you, my fabulous and creative Flist: do any of you know anyone who's hiring for entry-level positions in this field? He has some experience but not the 3-5 years industry that most people are looking for.

In other non-related news, I developed a headache 20 minutes after I got up this morning and it hasn't gone away, not even after the application of caffiene. Grr.
Tell him to check out the scene here in Austin.

It's everything he's looking for.
I did. I was thinking of you guys specifically. How's the market for newly-minted grownups?
I'm not sure entirely, because I lucked into my job.

That said, tell him that the scuttlebutt I hear, he needs to "pay his dues" in QA before he can do anything.
Send me a message; I might have some links for him.