I was rather useless yesterday and watched far too much TV as I knitted and organized 3 months worth of papers and bills, and did my taxes. One thing I keep running across is sensationalist reality TV. I know that reality TV is by it's nature sensationalist, but when it's being used to perpetuate stereotypes, and turns more and more to "other-shaming" it stops becoming entertaining and becomes uncomfortably exploitative to me. MTV, TLC and A&E are the worst culprits, with shows like "I Used to Be Fat" where the people profiled and their families very literally conflate fat to badness, laziness and ugliness. The message is you can only be pretty if you're skinny. And who watches MTV? 14 year olds. Great message guys. TLCs horror-fests of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" and other such shows take a scolding tone to the women as if they "should have known" they were pregnant, when their bodies didn't change and they had none of the symptoms of pregnancy. And then there's A&E's hardon for addictions, including hoarding. It's public shaming on the largest scale. I have no idea why people agree to be on these shows when they're setting themselves up for ridicule and judgment. I understand that it "raises awareness" of an issue, but really? It's ridiculous.