I'm listening to the Prairie Home Companion Joke show, and am amused by how many of these jokes I would have not gotten when I was 10. It's way better as a grownup. I was reminded that when I was little my mother had a Powdermilk Biscuits shirt. I'm so tempted to get one.

You all know that Jon and I are planning on brewing our own beer when we finally move in together. And now we have a pipe dream of maybe opening a brew-pub. We'd use local meat and veggies, and do a farm-to-table, nose-to-tail approach. There is a serious lack of that type of place in the Schenectady area. Of course this is about 5-10 years in the future, but it's worth thinking about now. It's fun to dream.

We're going to make friends with a local meat farm and see if we can talk our way into helping butcher so that we can learn. Progress on picking out a CSA is progressing. We've decided on a work CSA so that we can get to know the farmers. I'm lucky in NH because my mom knows everyone, but in NY I won't. I kind of want to be these guys. Mom told me I need to get involved with Northeast Organic Farmer's Association, NY and then Jon sent me the link today as he's poking at the internet. He's a hippie like that.

Jon kind of wants goats. I love goat cheese and goat meat, but I know how smart goats are, and I don't want to deal with the insanity and brains of goats. Also, people who have goats are WIERD. We can't have chickens in Schenectady county, or in Albany proper, although I think they're allowed in Troy. At some point our house will include: us, 2 cats (Mystique and Jon's cat-to-be-gotten-soon) a pit bull rescue mutt, and small humans. Depending on how much land we have and the rules of the town we may have goats, chickens and/or bees. There will definitely be a veggie garden with at least 4 raised beds and then herb gardens and flowers around the house.

I'm debating starting a Blog of Adventure, about this whole "get a license, get a job, move in with the boy, hopefully get hitched, have kids and a business together" project. My friend Bird did it with her awesome blog Roughing It where she talks about her awesome gay wedding and her adventures in pets. And she has a dog blog called Flying Dingo Go read her, she's hilarious.