I went the the gym yesterday, and in between doing dead lifts and lunges etc I also tried a set of very light bench presses. I did 3x8 at 45lbs and my shoulder didn't hurt! Yay! I'm not going to make bench press a regular part of my routine because I don't need those muscles for throwing, but it's nice to know that my shoulder doesn't suck as much as it once did. I can also deadlift 165 for a set of 8 now, and will go to 175 next time, but my grip tends to fail at these weights so I need to replace my straps. I'm up to 95lbs in power clean, and 135lbs in squats. These are all the end weights for sets of 4x8, and 4x6 respectively. At some point I need to do a week where all I do is max out so I can start working on a percentage program.

I go to a Golds Gym. It's kind of full of meatheads. I like it because it's got a very big selection of free weights and squat racks. However I kept wanting to yell at the guys who were grunting loudly, clanging their weights, dropping their weights and otherwise being ogres. If you can't control your weights, you're doing it wrong. Also, don't do lat pulldowns behind your head. You'll tear your rotator cuffs. And keep your heels down when you're doing squats. I don't care if it damages your ego to have to go lighter. Keep them down or you'll fall over and hurt your back.

I was really lightheaded after doing one set of back extensions and decided to call it a day. Good thing I did: I checked my messages and had one from Erik saying that the start time for the self-defense class was 5, not 6 like I had originally thought. I rushed home, took a 5 minute shower, dumped some protein and lemonade mix into my nalgene and grabbed a granola bar and rushed out of there. The documentary is called A Girl and A Gun. It was an interesting shoot. I was starving by the time I got home though.