The great thing about having a partner who's on Twitter is that I get all the benefits of "hey this is cool" without getting 90 million useless tweets to sift through.

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- Flash Mob Jewish Wedding at the Prudential Center. Not the way I would choose to get married, but very cute.

I was supposed to go hang out with my little sister for the first time in about 6 months but she cancelled on me because she has to babysit her nephew. Boo. I should go lift instead, but motivation is low when it's cold and snowy out and my room is nice and warm. (Yay space heaters!)

Tonight I'm going to go assist with a video shoot for a Not-Me! Project. A documentary filmmaker is coming to film a class on using firearms as self-defense. There will be some pro-gun and some anti-gun people in the class, and we're going to be working on figuring out how to do verbal boundary setting, confirmation of bad intention and what someone's trigger to act would be in a variety of situations. What would you do if you were walking down a street at night with low lighting and there was someone sitting on a stoop/bench and you had to walk past them? What if he/she stood up and came towards you? All of that is stuff that we're going to be working on. We've been working on scenarios for the past 2 weeks.

Related to the Not-Me project is possibly the most effective way I've seen yet to end street harassment. Not Interested. It doesn't matter what he or she says, "Not interested" effectively shuts it down. It doesn't ignore the behavior, but it's not aggressive.

Our biggest challenge as a teaching group is getting past the taboo of hurting someone. I plan on asking every group I teach (when I start teaching)"When is it ok to hurt someone?" just to get them thinking about the fact that if you decide to really defend yourself you will end up hurting someone. Erik has been getting frustrated because so many women can't seem to be aggressive, but as a white male martial artist (albeit one in a wheelchair), he doesn't realize that women tend to be conditioned to avoid conflict and aggression. There are negative social consequences when we act out violently, even when we choose to defend ourselves. Getting past that barrier and helping them understand that in cases of survival it is ok to harm someone else is the biggest and most important step in teaching self-defense. Also getting Erik to shut up for more than 10 minutes and to make the classes way more action-oriented and less lecture will go a long way in having people learn things I think.

I'm debating starting a blog, but I don't know really what I'd blog about. Maybe war stories from work?