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I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for my next knitting project. It has to involve no new yarn, so I'm pretty limited. I was looking for glove patterns, because the yarn I want to use is too scratchy for a scarf, but it's really pretty and I need new knit gloves. As I was poking around I found a pattern for Tardis Gloves redstapler I'm looking at you :p.

I have 1/2 half of a scarf warp wound, that I should probably work on winding the rest of, but the idea of threading the loom at 20 ends per inch is a bit daunting right now. Meep.

I sealed the windows in my room, the studio and will get to the upstairs bathroom and maybe some of the living/dining room windows today. It's been in the 20s recently and I'm tired of waking up in a 55* F room. It makes showering very very cold.

No word yet on the job that I interviewed for last week. They said they'd check my references and get back to me with when they want me to come back for another interview/shadowing day. I'm guessing it's going to be after the holidays at this point.

I keep skipping out on the gym, and I really shouldn't, but it's so SO hard to get motivated to go when its cold and dark out, and I'm tired and hungry. Oh well.
Oh man. Because the last thing I needed was ANOTHER knitting project to forget about. (How many Gryffindor/others scarves did I start in college?)

I kinda want to try this though.

I've never really followed an actual pattern, so maybe I can, you know...do it.
Wristlet/Glove/Mittens are way easier to deal with because unlike an interminable scarf that gets boring after 40 rows of garter stitch, you're constantly doing something like changing from ribbing to Stockinette or increasing or decreasing. And you can knock one out in an evening in front of a movie or something. Have fun!